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Mutual Uniting System

MUSystem is a global Savings system that uses the MMM mathematical algorithm developed by Sergey and Vyacheslav Mavrodi.
MUSystem works in the Ethereum blockchain.

This site and all its content is not a loan agreement, not an invitation to make offers, not a public offer, not any other obligation, and is purely informational.

The principle of mutual trust is higher than the principle of mutual obligations!

The rules are simple. You save your deposit in the System (make your donation), in return the System gives you conditional units (MUS tokens), and their price increases in each subsequent time interval (package or pack). Nothing new, really. :-) Although a moment. New is an algorithm by which the token's price (and hence the amount of your savings!) grows. However, this algorithm was developed in 1994-1997, but became available to the general public only in 2018. Let say only one thing. For the first time this algorithm is available in the blockchain with full evidence of its operability.

So, join with any initial amount (you will use only spare money, right?) — and tomorrow you get either more or less. Less — is always a predetermined amount. It is 70% of your amount. More — is not limited.

Easy example: today you saved deposit in amount of 1 ETH — tomorrow you can get 1.5 and 2 and... Your risk — always only 0.3 from this 1. And you will return 0.7 in any case. The calculator, located just below, will help you make all the calculations.


Today you help someone — Tomorrow you will be helped out!


Profit with mathematical proof

Minimum Profit +10% to initial amount

Today you made your contribution and will soon receive 110% of your amount. Or make a decision to wait a little longer. And a little longer... As you amount is constantly grows.

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Absolute Transparency

All statistics and source code are always available

MUSystem is as open as the blockchain technology allows. In addition to open source, MUSystem discloses all statistics. At the same time, participation is completely anonymous.

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Guaranteed return at anytime

Math algorithm guarantees return at any time

The mathematical algorithms on which MUSystem is based contains formulas that guarantee each participant to receive back initial amount — a fully or pre-agreed percentage.

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how it works

Savings are sent and accepted through Ethereum. This one of the most popular crypto currency provides the opportunity to create transparent and reliable smart contracts, such is the MUSystem's smart contract.

You save deposit. Then just lie on your couch and watch how an amount of your savings grows in value in each new time interval (Pack). For new participants, there is an instant return of 60% of the initial amount back to the wallet balance immediately after deposit. Hold it in your own wallet!

You make a withdrawal. Do you want to withdraw your savings in full or in part? No problem! At any time and without any restrictions! The amount of your savings will be increased by 10% after closure of the second pack of your participation and will continue increasing by approximately 43% after closure of each subsequent pack.


You are always able to withdraw 70-100% of your initial deposit amount. But, if you decided to wait a little, you can multiply your amount by 2, 5, 10...! MUSystem carefully keeps all the participants' savings, therefore each participant is guaranteed to return 70-100% of the initial savings amount.

All statistics data: deposits, withdrawals etc. — are always available for everyone. At the same time, participation is completely anonymous!


What else? Bonuses will be received according to the Rules. For example, if you save your funds on the first day of the pack. Or referral bonus 5% of first deposit of invited people.

Package (Pack) — what is it?

Package (pack) is the total amount of participants' savings (more precisely, the number of tokens, multiplied by the price of one token).

When participants save their funds in MUSystem,
the current pack is filled (tokens are redeemed).

When the current pack is completely filled (all tokens are redeemed), the system immediately moves to the next pack with a new (increased) price for one token.

The prices of tokens in each pack are mathematically determined to ensure the greatest profit of participants and maximum system stability.

Let's see what a kind of MUSystem mathematics

Specify the amount and number of packs you are willing to wait in MUSystem calculator.

The amount of your savings will be increased by approximately 10% after closure of the second pack of your participation and will continue increasing by approximately 43% after closure of each subsequent pack. Accrual takes place on the principle of "compound interest."

By time, one pack takes... It all depends on the activity of the participants. In theory, there may be several packs in one week!

In practice, we'll see. By the way, this is the basis of stability. MUSystem calculates prices of the tokens depending on the total amount of the participants' savings.

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As you can see, it's pretty simple. Second closed pack adds approximately 10% to your initial amount. Each closed pack of your participation starting from 3rd adds approximately 43% to the amount you can get. The more participants in the System and the greater the amount of their savings — the faster the System will move on to the following packs.

In the Personal Office, the calculator will calculate the amount of your savings based on your real initial deposit.

Mutual Uniting System is...

...completely free from human factor

MUSystem is based on mathematical algorithms, formulas. No one can edit the source code of the System since it was placed in the blockchain.

...based on the mathematical algorithm

The MUSystem's algorithm constantly monitoring the total balance and future withdrawals. This made it possible to create a truly reliable and, importantly, decentralized Savings system.

...totally decentralized and safety

Working in the blockchain, MUSystem uses the resources of the Ethereum network to ensure uninterrupted operation. A giant mechanism created by the Russian genius and provided with worldwide computing power.

...absolutely statistically open

Each participant is able to check every word from this site for compliance with reality. Try to understand the source code, compare it with the published algorithm and monitor all statistics of MUSystem.

Additionally for thought

The mathematical algorithms on which MUSystem is based were published by Vyacheslav Mavrodi after his brother, Sergey Mavrodi, Great Russian Mathematical Genius, has passed away.

In his message, Vyacheslav shared with the whole World unique revolutionary ideas that Sergey Mavrodi did not tell anyone for 25 years.

Sergey Mavrodi devoted his entire life to changing the world for the better. He lived and worked to create a world where people will be happy. Where there will be no more banking slavery.

Earlier, MMM had to face obstacles on the way to changing the world. MMM-94 was defeated by the state, which took 17 trucks in cash belonging to MMM members to an undisclosed place. MMM-2011 closed after Sergey Mavrodi was arrested, and MMM Global, which operated in 119 countries, closed after his death.

Using a modern and innovative Blockchain technology and the mathematical algorithm developed by the Mavrodi brothers, a completely new level system was created.

It can not be destroyed. It can not be hacked, it does not depend on the human factor. A fully open for everyone, decentralized system that operates automatically is regulated and controlled by nobody.

MUSystem is MY system for a better life in prosperity and abundance!

Financial apocalypse is inevitable! Together we can do a lot!

Sergey Mavrodi

MMM founder, Great Russian Mathematical Genius.

Vyacheslav Mavrodi

Thanks to him, MMM algorithms have become the property of the whole world.

Personal Office Screenshots

desktop_windows smartphone

You can use a desktop or smartphone to work with MUSystem Personal Office. The intuitive interface allows you to deposit and withdraw Savings, as well as observe full statistics and latest orders.


It's all very simple!

Deposit funds and withdraw Savings in 1-2-3 clicks without any registration.

For participation you just need to have Ethereum and its wallet.

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